Amazing Tips to Celebrate Rose Day 2016

So Valentine's Day 2016 is Coming and today we are here with some information about " How to Celebrate Rose day 2016" , In many religions the number 7 is considered ass sacred number and also a symbol of love and that’s why 7th February is a day to celebrate the Rose Day. Rose is first day in the week of valentine day and in the celebration of the day couples, lovers and friends presents roses of different colors to each other and now it has become a tradition in the West countries. Although, Asian countries have also started to follow these traditions, but not as much as these are celebrated in the West. In this article we are going to discuss the tips to celebrate the Rose day, follow below given ideas and surprise your loved ones on this romantic day.


·        1)  Make a reservation for a romantic dinner as a surprise for your partner and be sure to choose the restaurant which your partner likes. Add extras in reservations to put some roses on the table for your loved one.

·        2)  Give your partner a surprise when they walk in by giving them a beautiful collection of roses. You can choose either all red or different color of roses. Sweet smell of roses will create a magic in your Happy Rose day.

·      3)   Don’t forget to place some love cards for your partner at those where they visit a lot like dressing table etc and write some love notes on those cards to remind them about your love.

·         5 ) When you go for dinner try to set all the things as you were met in first day so that you both can memorize the sweet memories of first date. Discuss the things you like in your partner, appreciate their love for you and credit for the happiness.

       5) Don’t forget to buy a gift for your partner whether roses or something else and present the gift at the end of dinner. It is best feelings for your partner even you bring few chocolate for them, they will love it.

·        6)  If you are at home try to play favorite romantic songs of your partner and show them your affection and love.

Doing small with love and care matters for all loved ones, so if you think you are out budget, don’t worry just bring some roses as well as write some love notes for your partner and you can also Search Some Valentine's day Quotes 2016 and Rose Day Quotes 2016 in our Blog for your Loved Ones.

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